部份 ReadySpace 的客戶見證:

We have a great experience with Readyspace’s outstanding technical support. As a beginner in web site administration, our site has been disturbed by a spammer at the very beginning. With the helpful input from the support team, I was able to resolve the problem very quickly. Responses from them were quick and were tuned to a level appropriate for the user. They are definitely a reliable partner when we encounter problem with web hosting.

Kenny Chan
Web Administrator of a Medical Society

ReadySpace所提供的個人化顧客服務讓我與他們的職員能夠有一個緊密的關係。最初, 我們正面對設立網站及電郵上的技術問題,他們的技術支援人員很快便替我們解決問題, 而客户服務部的職員在整個過程中也不厭其煩地為我跟進, 直到問題得以完全解決為止。 ReadySpace, 繼續努力吧!我定會毫不猶豫地推薦你們給我的同事和朋友!

Ivan Peng
Oriental International Enterprise Ltd. – Director


Christopher Guy
SAWO, Inc. – Network Administrator

令人信賴,值得所託,主機寄存是件需要緊急處理、隨時照顧的事業,很高興Readyspace 1對1方式的專案服務提供全力支援與迅速回覆,是讓我們可以放心的地方。
我們在此之前曾使用過多家主機商服務,由於大陸同仁與大陸客戶無法順利瀏覽網站與收發信件而移至ReadySpace主機,他們不僅協助我們期下近100 個網站遷移處理,亦幫助我們排除問題,現在網站已陸續上線,再次感謝ReadySpace與專案顧問、全體的工程人員。

Jax Huang
英富達科技 – Marketing Manager

我們的公司Dev-Tech China現正在不同地點管理200 多個網站橫跨互聯網。起初我們對亞洲的寄存服務不是十分滿意,直至我們發現了 ReadySpace。在與他們聯絡後,我們發現不僅是價格合宜,我們更體會到ReadySpace清楚瞭解什麼才是顧客的需求並且達成目標。
他們的支援服務非常超卓,更令我們感到高興的是有一位專責的客戶經理能夠有效及迅速地回應我們的問題。ReadySpace 帶給我們安全可靠,明白我們的須要並隨時幫助我們。
我們盼望與ReadySpace 的持續關係, 能真心實意地推薦他們為寄存和電郵方案給我們的顧客。

Geno Deville
Dev-Tech China – CEO

這實在是明智的抉擇選用ReadySpace 作為我們的寄存供應商。

Lawrence Yeung


Joyce Leung
Boon Production Limited

ReadySpace幫我們公司管理個網頁及寄存,令到本公司瀏覽人數大大增加。而且他們的工作人員態度認真,十分值得欣賞。未來希望會同他們有更多合作機會。WELL-DONE.THANK YOU!

Suki Lam
New Think Pink Production Co.

I feel the need to give you guys a great testimonial.
When I signed up with ReadySpace last year, I have had nothing but great admiration at the level of service and the quick response of your Technical Support staff, especially Tong.
Every once in a while I had issues with my email and website. But a quick click on Livechat and less than 5 mins later, everything is settled. Your guys really know what they are doing and get them done very fast.
I believe that an IT company can only be as great as their tech support people. And you’ve got Fantastic techies!
Every time someone mentions they need great hosting solutions, you can be sure that I’ll say “ReadySpace”.
Thanks heaps,

Jason Chong
Global Print Logistics Pte Ltd

Thank you for the wonderful support you have given us for our website. You are so helpful and patient when help is needed. You are very dedicated and have gone an extra mile to make sure things are fine.

Mdm Cheng Huey Feng
Ai Tong Primary School

Recently, I’ve accidentally deleted an admin account, thus all associated accounts for that account, were deleted.
I would like to comment on Alvin’s promptness in effectively backing up our data to almost it’s original state. We understand that this entire process is tedious and time consuming. However, we would like to commend Alvin’s professionalism and patience towards us, in tediously going through records after records, and backing up the data for us.
We’ve been always impressed with ReadySpace support team, hence we would like to encourage all staff of ReadySpace to keep up the good work.

Elgin Joshua How
SimpleworxPte Ltd

Appreciate the trouble you took. Well, indeed, it’s great customer service.

Rachel Charis Ng
WeLoveWinsurfing Enterprise

Thank you ReadySpace for providing such a high standard of service. You have been very prompt in replying my E-mail. Sometimes it takes as little as 5 minutes for me to get a reply. What’s more is your patience in replying even the simplest question I have asked you and your answers really help me.
I hereby specially want to thank Ken for his job well done in giving me such a quality service. Your services definitely outweigh the amount we have paid for.

Ang Kang Lin

You guys are great … I’m really happy with the customer service you guys provide.

Martin Yeoh
Event Solutions & Concepts

I must really applaud Readyspace for their excellent after-sale service. Whenever I need help for my account, I get prompt advice and that is something very important to us, the consumers.
I have been offered better deals by other companies but refused to move as I don’t think I can ever get such after-sale service from other companies again. WELL-DONE, LADS!

Philip Wee
Stop! Look! Book!

I am really pleased with the level of service and the high quality infrastructure you have at Readyspace.
So I will say when the business expands or the company gets bigger, I will definitely go back to Readyspace. Because when it comes to quality and value, I will know which company to find.

Timothy Tan
Crowned Eagles

Thank you for your prompt actions and support … It is a pleasure during business with ReadySpace.

Ruddy Pierre Low
X-Synergy Group Pte Ltd

We are satisfied with the work that you have done. We really appreciate that. By the way, we will be recommending another customer to you soon. Will contact you again.

Dorothy Tan
QuestStarPte Ltd

In the meantime, I like to accolade your service team for their helpful responses each time I made a request for assistance. This assistance is much appreciated.
I also would like to mention, that your Marketing officer, Huiling, was also good and responsive, which gives a better impression of the company than just a IT technology arena.

James Frederick Chong

ReadySpace – The Premier Web hosting company in this region! If you want nothing less than great value hosting with reliable support, look for the folks at ReadySpace. Thanks people for the support. Appreciate it! :)

Daniel Lim
Magic Mushroom

Thanks for your response on this issue. It’s much appreciated … I believe that customer service is your blood but as for the others, I have yet to find out. I like dealing with you … I believe in good deals and it’s good to know I’m getting good stuff for the amount paid.

Leonard Lee

Yong Hwang, Thank you for you call at 1am and you assistance in helping me with the login issues that I faced! I appreciate it. You were indeed a great help.
Tong, I want to put on record that you were one of the reasons that prompted me to sign-on immediately with ReadySpace. Not only were you very helpful, but also knowledgeable.
Pls forward this to your management. With such committed staff, I am sure ReadySpace grow to be one of the best “More Than Just Hosting” providers in Singapore.

MXI Group

Very good customer service and technical support. Willing to help customer even if it is out of their way. Hosting is reliable and stable. Have been with them for sometime and no complaints. Price is no longer a factor when it comes to prompt service and support. I give it a 10.
Thanks so much for your help on this shopping cart, found your services friendly & fast reply even for technical assistance. My previous 2 hosting not so good even though one of them say that they were awarded top Linux provider.

Mark Ng
Ever Joy Services